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Archive for the ‘Web design / WEBデザイン’ Category

■ Web site design / WEBサイトデザイン ■ I designed web site. If you would like to visit this web site, “http://www.ts  [ Read More ]

■ Logo mark / ロゴマーク ■ ▲ I designed logo mark of Japan Kenya Management Committee. ▼The explanation of this log  [ Read More ]

■ Business card, Logo mark / 名刺、ロゴマーク ■ ▲ I designed logo mark and business card of East Africa Trading Co., L  [ Read More ]

It’s the restaurant in Majorca (Spain) here. I designed web site of “XIC restaurant” with Fl  [ Read More ]

I designed men’s fashion site as a sample. But I uploaded the then HTML in my server. So if you want to   [ Read More ]

I designed men’s site as a sample. サンプルとして、メンズサイトを制作。 ★Web design by PEKOLI.  WEBデザイン担当

I uploaded the then HTML in my server because this site already changed design now. If you want to visit this   [ Read More ]

When you click here “Flash movie“, you can see this flash movie. I made SNS of “Pet townR  [ Read More ]

I designed web site of Japan Down Syndrome Forum of Fukuoka in 2003. And I designed logo mark, poster, flier,   [ Read More ]

I got a request from this staff of English conversation classes, “Please use this illustration of the te  [ Read More ]

I made flash movies of 27 pattern of the prize mobile site with Flash. I drew these hands and the lottery, and  [ Read More ]