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Welcome to PEKOLI's portfolio

I’m working as freelance of the designer at home now. So I can make a quick response.
And I can design everywhere, even if I\'m in Japan. So if you want to ask me, please mail me. Thanks.

Design / デザイン 0

■ Web site design / WEBサイトデザイン ■ I designed web site. If you would like to visit this web site, “http://www.tsuwari.com” please click this address. For pregnant women suffering from morning ...

Label / ラベル 0

I designed the packages and the labels of health appliances. 健康器具の各ラベル・パッケージ、および商品のロゴマークをデザイン。 ★Design, Logo mark by PEKOLI. デザイン、ロゴマーク担当

Design / デザイン 0

I designed the folded leaflet of health appliances. 健康器具のリーフレット、および商品のロゴマークをデザイン。 ★Design, Logo mark by PEKOLI. デザイン、ロゴマーク担当

Design / デザイン 0

■ Logo mark / ロゴマーク ■ ▲ I designed logo mark of Japan Kenya Management Committee. ▼The explanation of this logo mark This committee is the committee to link the two countries. "J" of ...

Business card / 名刺 88

■ Business card, Logo mark / 名刺、ロゴマーク ■ ▲ I designed logo mark and business card of East Africa Trading Co., Ltd.. I combined "A" of Africa with a red circle of ...

Blog / ブログ 2

It's the restaurant in Majorca (Spain) here. I designed web site of "XIC restaurant" with Flash. This site is all Flash. If you want to visit XIC ...

Design / デザイン 1

The kimono fashion show was held in SOLARIA PLAZA in 2008. I designed the poster, the flag, stage of the kimono fashion show. I chose black and gold color to look gorgeous ...

Design / デザイン 1

I designed men's fashion site as a sample. But I uploaded the then HTML in my server. So if you want to visit this site, please click here STAND UP. This is men's ...

Design / デザイン 1

I designed men's site as a sample. サンプルとして、メンズサイトを制作。 ★Web design by PEKOLI.  WEBデザイン担当

Design / デザイン 2

I uploaded the then HTML in my server because this site already changed design now. If you want to visit this site, please click here MARINA SEAHORSE. But this site plays music ...

Character / キャラクター 2

I made this character "PIKA KIREI" for packaging of baking soda. 重曹洗剤「ピカキレイ」のキャラクターを制作。 I made the illustrations to use in web site. These are illustrations to explain how to use baking soda in various ...

Character / キャラクター 1

When you click here "Flash movie", you can see this flash movie. I made SNS of "Pet town" with Flash as a sample. This is SNS that people get together who likes ...

Copyrighting / コピー 1

When you click here "Flash movie", you can see this flash movie. I got a request from the client, "I want to show the movie of memories of the marrying couple ...

Calender / カレンダー 28

I designed web site of Japan Down Syndrome Forum of Fukuoka in 2003. And I designed logo mark, poster, flier, newspaper ad, goods, card, calender, icons, cursors, tclock. And I took photos ...

Graphic / グラフィック 83

I imaged the fret like a Chinese pattern and expressed Chinese-style. I changed from capital "I" to a small letter "i", and I expressed human silhouette. It's concept to link Japan and ...

Character / キャラクター 1

I designed characters of "Kosodate" (raising kids) site. I made Ku-chan, Mu-chan, Mother, Father. And I drew coloring of these character, and I made animation cursors. These illustrations are carried in English conversation ...

Design / デザイン 3

I designed this postcard as "Girls 6" of the event of fashion site. This event was an exhibition of the works of six girls. So I wanted to express it as the ...

Design / デザイン 2

I got a request from this staff of English conversation classes, "Please use this illustration of the teddy bear as a symbol of this site.". So I thought this design like ...

Design / デザイン 1

I designed the instruction manual book of health appliances. And I drew all illustrations. 健康器具の取扱説明書をデザイン。 また、すべてのイラストを制作。 ★Design, Illustration by PEKOLI. デザイン、イラスト担当

Illustrations / イラスト 1

I made flash movies of 27 pattern of the prize mobile site with Flash. I drew these hands and the lottery, and letters. (These characters and background illustrations are another.) SWF file opens ...

Design / デザイン 5

This magazine ad appeared in "men's egg YOUTH". And this men's shop made record sales figure by this magazine ad. I laid out the new items effectively while keeping this brand color. And ...

Illustrations / イラスト 4

I drew these illustrations as a sample of the pamphlet of Benesse. ベネッセの冊子イラストのサンプルとして、このイラストを描きました。 ★Illustration by PEKOLI. イラスト担当

Character / キャラクター 1

I drew these illustrations as the illustration of the short story of "All about". オールアバウトの短編小説の挿絵としてイラストを制作。 ★Illustration イラスト担当

Character / キャラクター 1

I proposed it as 3 characters of the beauty college. I drew cute faces and fashionable fashion for young people. And I proposed the sticker that I designed just with the face ...

Character / キャラクター 29

I made the character of PEKOLI as my symbol in 2000. Then, I designed Mousepad, Badge, Stuffed toy, Sticker. Because I had the dream that I wanted to design miscellaneous goods for ...

Icon / アイコン 0

I drew icon of web site of "Kokosumu.net.omuta". 「ここ住むネット大牟田」のアイコンを制作しました。 ★Illustration イラスト担当

Banner ad / バナー広告 6

I designed banner ad of men's fashion site. メンズファッションサイトのバナー広告を制作しました。 ★Design デザイン担当

Copyrighting / コピー 17

I made moving image of the event as an opening movie with Flash. I made a plan, and acted as host of this event. In this event, I introduced five independent artists ...

Illustrations / イラスト 1

セミナー系サイトのイラストを制作。 I drew the pictures of the seminar site. ★Illustration

Design / デザイン 1

I designed screen saver of the bank as a sample. I thought the story of endless loop because this is screen saver. And I thought these contents the calendar, English conversation lesson, ...

Illustrations / イラスト 14

防犯系サイトのイラストを制作。 I drew the pictures of the security system company site. ★Illustration

Illustrations / イラスト 0

トラベル系サイトのサンプルイラストとして描きました。 I drew the pictures as a sample of the travel agency site. ★Illustration

Design / デザイン 3

I designed screen saver as the own company original calendar. SWF file opens when you click this image. 自社オリジナルの配布用のカレンダーとして、スクリーンセーバーを制作しました。 画像をクリックすると、SWFファイルが開きます。 ★Design, Flash, Screen saver