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Archive for the ‘Graphic / グラフィック’ Category

I designed the folded leaflet of health appliances. 健康器具のリーフレット、および商品のロゴマークをデザイン。 ★Design, Logo mark by PEKOLI  [ Read More ]

The kimono fashion show was held in SOLARIA PLAZA in 2008. I designed the poster, the flag, stage of the kimon  [ Read More ]

I designed web site of Japan Down Syndrome Forum of Fukuoka in 2003. And I designed logo mark, poster, flier,   [ Read More ]

I imaged the fret like a Chinese pattern and expressed Chinese-style. I changed from capital “I” t  [ Read More ]

I designed this postcard as “Girls 6″ of the event of fashion site. This event was an exhibition o  [ Read More ]

I designed the instruction manual book of health appliances. And I drew all illustrations. 健康器具の取扱説明書をデザイン。 また  [ Read More ]

This magazine ad appeared in “men’s egg YOUTH”. And this men’s shop made record sales   [ Read More ]

I designed banner ad of men’s fashion site. メンズファッションサイトのバナー広告を制作しました。 ★Design デザイン担当

I made moving image of the event as an opening movie with Flash. I made a plan, and acted as host of this even  [ Read More ]