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Happy day

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Minimal Art


Framework: The Depp's

What a wonderful!!!!
I like this poster!!!! :D
Great work!! :D
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My favorite ad.

@the supermarket


When I saw it, I was surprised.
Because this fruits connect with next fruits.
So I thought, this designer imaged the scene where these packages are on the supermarket shelves.
So I took a photo "Wow, great!!" :-)

@the supermarket


I like these Japanese calligraphy.
And I think that this is so dynamic. :-)
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SWISS sandwiches!! :D


SWISS unveils Economy Class product innovations

We are improving our Economy Class product. We will be serving freshly-made sandwiches to Economy Class guests on our European services from 1 October onwards. Our Economy inflight product has also been enhanced on intercontinental flights, in both content and packaging terms.

Now, I got this news. :-)
I use SWISS.
So I like SWISS so much!! :D
And I like sandwiches sooooooooo much!!
Sooooo when I saw this photo, WOW!!!!!! yes, WOW!!!! lol.
Next time, I'm looking forward to eat this sandwich!! :-)
Mmmmmm.... It looks delicious!! XD

If you want to read this news more,
please check it out!!

SWISS unveils Economy Class product innovations

But... Japan, too?
Can we get this services from 1 October?
I hope sooooooooooooooooooo....
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Can I Have this Dance

When I watch this, I feel so happy really. :-)
Do you think so, too???
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Snoop Dogg - Drop It Like It's Hot ft. Pharrell Williams

Mmmm....Cooooool!! :-)
I like this music.
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